Virtual Reality Egg 360 Vision Cinema 1 2 3 Seat 9d games

Packaging : 1 pcs/box, 10 boxes/ctn (The packaging could be produced according to your request.)

Virtual Reality Egg 360 Vision Cinema 1 2 3 Seat 9d games

Item    Cinema 9D

Player    2 Players

Power    4 KW

Chair Material    Artificial leather

VR Glasses    Deepon E3 (2K) VR Glasses

Game time    2-5 mins

Movie Quantity    70 pcs movies including 2pcs interactive games

Weight    NW: 300kgs  I  GW: 470kgs

Special Effects    Spray air, ear wind, leg tickle, back push & vibration

Platform    3 DOF Electric Platform

List of Goods    2 X VR glasses, 1X 2 seat motion platform, 1X touch screen console


The advantage of Cinema 9D:

  1. Shine light with patent attractive exterior design.
  2. Ergonomic leather VR egg chair.
  3. 3DOF strong electric cylinder which have a better weight-bearing to make a good gravity sense.
  4. High-fidelity simulation.
  5. Plenty of vr movies and games for choose.
  6. With smoke/fog, leg sweep, face air, ear wind, vibration, push back special effects function.
  7. Mature technology, professional our own manufacture directly.
  8. OEM ODM customized is welcome.
  9. Our own software, buyer could get maintenance directly.

Income of 2 seats 9d VR cinema(exclude rent and labor costs)
ticket price $5/person,
one day,8 hours, 5 movies, 5*8*5*2= $400
one month(30 days), 240 hours, 5 movies 5*240*5*2= $12,000
one year(365 day) 2920 hours ,5 movies 5*2920*5*2= $146,000